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Estate and Special Needs Planning


As an attorney and paralegals with elderly parents and children with special needs, we understand how critical it is to design an estate plan that addresses your specific needs. We don’t simply take documents off the shelf, dust them off and insert your names in the blanks.


If you fill out the applicable checklist, we can start preparing your estate planning documents.

Estate Planning Checklist

For new estate plans

Estate Planning Update Checklist

To update existing estate plans

Scott Franklin & Associates Believes

That everyone’s estate planning needs are different and we will design your estate planning documents, including Wills, Revocable Trusts, Living Wills, Durable Powers of Attorney, Guardian Memoranda and Special Needs Trusts to fit your exact situation. We can also help with conservatorship and guardianship matters. When a loved one passes away, we can assist with the administration of the Probate Court.

We provide services in the following areas:

Preparation of Wills

We will provide you with a comprehensive Estate Planning Questionnaire to help you compile all of your personal and financial information so we can evaluate your estate planning needs.

Preparation of various types of Trusts

Whether you need tax planning, have minor children, or a family member with special needs to provide for, we can advise you on the various types of trusts and discuss pros and cons of each in order to determine which one is right for you.

Preparation of Advance Directives

  • Guardian Memorandum:
    This document allows you to designate who you want to care for your minor children should they need it.
  • Appointment of a Health Care Representative:
    This document allows you to appoint someone to act in your best interest and make health care decisions when you are unable to do so.
  • Living Will/Health Care Instructions:
    This document allows you to designate what types of life support you do or do not want.
  • Anatomical Gifts:
    This document allows you to express your wishes with respect to organ donation.
  • Designation of a Conservator:
    In the event you become incapacitated and a conservator is needed, you want to choose the appropriate person to handle your affairs.
  • Powers of Attorney:
    There are different types of Powers of Attorney. We will help you choose the one that most suits your needs. A Power of Attorney designates someone to handle your financial affairs during your lifetime prior to and/or after incapacity.

Preparation of Special or Supplemental Needs Trusts and related documents

If you have a child or other family member with a physical or mental disability, whether a minor or adult, you may want to consider a Special or Supplemental Needs Trust (“SNT”). We can meet with you to help you decide if this is necessary for your estate plan. There are different types of SNTs and you want to make sure you have the one that is right for your needs. Without a proper SNT, your child may not qualify for necessary government programs. An SNT can also help secure an individual’s long-term financial future when he or she is not able to adequately manage his or her finances.

  • Letter of Intent/Guidance:
    You should consider including this document with the SNT to provide guidance to future caregivers, providing personal information on likes, dislikes, needs, enjoyable activities, etc.
  • Powers of Attorney/Guardianship/Conservatorship:
    You should consider whether or not a Power of Attorney or Conservatorship would be appropriate as your child reaches adulthood. Without a Power of Attorney or Health Care Directives, you may no longer be entitled to receive medical information or help with the finances of your adult child.
  • Advanced Directives:
    If your child is an adult, he/she might want to designate a healthcare agent or appoint a conservator, if it should become necessary.
  • Funding:
    We can discuss various ways to fund the SNT such as with an insurance policy or through a Will.
We can help you create an SNT customized to meet your child’s particular needs.