We are always amazed to find out how many of our clients do not have wills.

Most of our clients do not realize that without a will of your own, the state in which you live has actually written one for you. If you don't have a will, the local probate court chooses your executor and the guardian for your children, and your property may not be distributed in the manner in which you desire. By having us prepare your will, you control these decisions.


We can assist you in the formation of trusts, so that if you have children, your assets will not pass directly to them when they reach the age of majority. By using a trust, you can determine what amounts your children will receive from you and at what ages they will receive it. You can also choose a trustee to handle your money after you are gone. As your estate increases in value, we can help you prepare trusts to assist you in saving estate taxes.

Each family has different estate planning needs. We will never recommend anything that is more complicated than your financial or family situation requires. We would also be pleased to assist you in the preparation of living wills, powers of attorney, guardian memoranda, and conservatorship applications as well as with Medicaid planning and probate matters.

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