Most Lawyers...

Have never actually run their own business, yet they spend much of their time giving advice to others on how to successfully operate one.

Scott Franklin grew up in the business world. His family has been in retail for over 40 years.

He understands the practical, legal, financial and related issues pertaining to small business.

Scott B. Franklin & Associates represents over 350 corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies and sole proprietors, retail stores, contractors, computer consultants, physician practices, accountants, restaurants, manufacturing companies, and others.

Our Services Include:

  • advising on the correct type of company
  • formation of your company
  • ongoing operation of the company
  • contract negotiation and drafting
  • preparation of employment contracts
  • preparation of buy-sell agreements
  • lease negotiations
  • preparation of annual minutes
  • mergers and acquisitions

Download:LLC Formation Checklist

Download:Corporation Formation Checklist

...and other practical advice on operating your business. We can work alone with you or set up a team of insurers, financial consultants, accountants, and others.